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UTV Long Travel Kit - Suspension Reviews

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Single Shock and Dual Shock with Bypass kits available
A-Arm width: +6in. per side.
Wheel- base: 2in. fwd and 2in. bkw
Wheel travel: 14.5in.
Shocks: Elka, King, Walker Evans, Fox

User Comments:

^ I'm working on my dad as we speak! He lives up in Colorado and gets a good 4 feet of snow a year and has been plowing with a quad for awhile! I told him, if he buy's a rhino and long travel, I will cop for the snow tracks for him!Congrats your gonna love that Long Travel, even if its not RhinoMafia lolCongrats on your long travel. I love mine but i found one major flaw with long travel, it handles and rides so good that you realize how seriously underpowered the rhino is, especially in the dunes. Its bad enough spending all that money on long travel only to turn around and buy a bunch of performance upgrades to match the suspension performance.Very nice! I'm so jealous, maybe some day I'll have long travel!

Lookin good ! So do I get the same welcome when I get my long travel ?...lolLookin good.. I want some long travel now.I like it. I was worried about what the 14's w/T-crosses would look like with a long travel.Scott at desertworks fabrication did all the work big thanks to him and a big thanks to Jeff at RhinoMafia for having such a great long travel kit

ahhhh, stop saying that! My ears are bleeding! Put a long travel kit on it and take a trip to Glamis, then to the track! lol.Got my cage finally done and paint just in time to go to st anthonys .When i get back then i should have my long travel done.http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f23/hlntoyz/ Picture281.jpgI dont think so . Im going to sell this one and start another rhino project. A roof would be pretty cool in the summer but i am done spending money on this one. I would like to go with a long travel although the elka elites work really well. I would just like to build something different. Anyone out there no who may want to buy it?its a whole different ride with the long travel :)

Long Travel Review 2

Long Travel Kits
» +6in. extend kits
» Kits include Axles, Arms and Shocks
» Powder Coated and plated hardware

User Comments:

That long travel rzr looks crazy !Seems like the long travel is working greatsomething tells me ill just never have the $4700 cash minimum to drop on the rhino. i guess if i went back and just had longtravel...no..even then i would have been short.the guy that wouldnt let Todd go by has a bone stock motor, long travel, some big balls, and a lead foot. Not to mention some driving skills. Todd has about just the same, but he has a nice yellow rhino too! Good job guys!

As soon as I get my long travel on I'll get some pics and some sound clips of it!!! Might need some help posting them up tho!long travel only sticks out like 4 inches from the fenders..Just wanted to say hello and show a pic of my rhino I am a member of Glamis and see many members here..I live in Texas and have a 07 Rhino that has a WOTM intake with Lid on and stock jetting,Two Bros Duels,Dyna CDI and 25 tires..I hit 52 MPH with only the CDI and then put on the Longtravel and intake and exhaust and stayed at 52 which I thought was good with no jetting..My Rhino is in Az right now getting a 686 kit from John @Racers Edge and The New clutch from Kelly at PDM..I went with these two because of the good things I have heard about them and so far their customer service has lived up to everything I have heard..The clutch I am getting is suppose to be quieter than the current ones .. I am very anxious to see what this setup will do and will fill you in Hopefully later this weekendOk so I have an 07 660. Its a 4 seater right now with offset rims and that's it. I'm doing my longtravel this weekend and I want to do some engine upgrades too. What's a good intake and exhaust to run? I've looked into the new afe intake with the scoop and alba exhaust. Whata you guys thing???